Jeremy Speed Schwartz
The Zephyr Experiment

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, March 2011

The Zephyr Experiment invited gallery participants to explore different ways of floating and flying, combining aesthetics with aerodynamics.

The Zephyr experiment included stations for building and launching model airplanes, turning into birds, and floating and flying a wide variety of materials (ping pong balls, bubbles and Dr. Schleidan). The evening culminated with the launch of the Largest Paper Airplane Ever Constructed (By the League of Imaginary Scientists).

“A testing lab of experimental aircraft spans two levels, where visitor-built prototypes may be flown or floated. The Incredible Floating Dr. Schleidan instructs visitors to ‘operate with vigor’ a contraption that will levitate a League member. In combining the factual with the fanciful, The Zephyr Experiment opens up the rigorous process of scientific inquiry to artistic invention and play”
— Gallery Guide

The League of Imaginary Scientists
Jeremy Speed Schwartz, Lucy HG Solomon, Steve Shoffner, Leonard Trubia, Matt Solomon

Isadora (for Incredible Floading Dr. Schleidan)