Jeremy Speed Schwartz
The Social Cinema Machine

Sundance Film Festival, January 2017, out of competition.

Yes, it’s true! The Social Cinema Machine is a collaboration between The League of Imaginary Scientists and The Sundance Institute. The animation was produced by more than 600 attendees at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. But, The Social Cinema Machine is still unfinished, and requires your creative input to complete it. Please take out your mobile media devices, and provide your own soundtrack for the film!

Created as an audience response to the 2016 election, The Social Cinema Machine was created as a ‘coloring book’ animation, with each frame drawn in black-and-white, then colored by attendees to the Sundance Film Festival while waiting in line. Production of the animation took place over a 1-week period and was made possible with generous support from Canon Inc, SUNY Alfred and CSU San Marcos.

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Directors Feras Fayyad and Yance Ford contributing to the Social Cinema Machine


Additional Screenings
Blackbird Film Festival
Locomocion Experimental Animation Festival

Produced by The League of Imaginary Scientists in collaboration with The Sundance Institute
Concept: Jeremy Speed Schwartz, Lucy HG Solomon, Steve Shoffner, Leonard Trubia
Animation Director: Jeremy Speed Schwartz
Animators: Jillian Gregory, Nia Seward, Taylor Stevenson, Kadri Williams
Installation: Steve Shoffner, Leonard Trubia
Made with Support from The Sundance Institute, Alfred State College, Cal State San Marcos and Canon Inc.