Jeremy Speed Schwartz
Student Work

Animated Music Video for Tokyo-based band Castro House

The corporate fish see only what is directly in front of them. They review all the data and build a giant spherical robot for unknown purposes. Accompanied by a troop of dancing bunnies, a singing capricorn and a psychedelic guitar player, they launch the robot into the sky, where it devours the sun. ‘Mittashane’ (Mee-Tah-Shah-Nay) is a collaboration between Digital Media and Animation Students at Alfred State College and Tokyo-based band Castro House under the direction of Professor Jeremy Speed Schwartz.

Best Animated Film (Short) – WNY Film Arts & Music Event

Best Animated Sequence, Best Upstate NY Film- Blackbird FIlm Festival

Festival Screenings
Oklahoma City Frack Fest
Lake Charles Film and Music Festival
North by Northeastern
Music Malt Online Fest
Animation Marathon
Blackbird Film Festival
WNY Film Art & Music Event
Los Angeles Cine-Fest (Semi-Finalist)

Director: Jeremy Speed Schwartz
Music: Castro House
Animation: Students from Alfred State College
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