Jeremy Speed Schwartz

Stop Motion Animation Software for Mac and Windows, 2013-Present

Framerator is a free stop motion/pencil test animation program for mac, made specifically for students exploring traditional animation techniques. As an pedagogical tool, it is deliberately more stripped-down than other stop motion software. Framerator restricts users into working in frame-by-frame techniques, without keyframing and with limited ability to edit.

Alternate versions restrict onion skinning (Framerator-O) and allow for 2-layer black-and-white compositing (Framerator-C). Available on request.

Download Framerator – Mac Version 2.3, November 2018 (approx 115MB)
Download Framerator – Windows 10 Version, November 2018 (approx 115MB)

Old Versions
Download Framerator – Mac Version 2.2– 2015 (approx 35MB). Will not run on Mac systems High Sierra and above.

Framerator is an Open Educational Resource, and can be freely distributed.

The Framerator 2.3 Interface

The Framerator-C interface (for 2-layer black and white compositing).

– Free for all student use
– Simple, easy-to-understand interface
– Ability to quickly shoot frames from the computer’s onboard camera or other USB webcam
– Saves frames as individual files rather than as video so in the event of error the entire piece isn’t lost.
– Can output a video file from any folder of ordered images
– Onionskinning option
– Can shoot and output HD video
– Output video files are optimized for Vimeo and Youtube
– Immediate playback and looping to check motion in sequences as they’re being made.

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