Jeremy Speed Schwartz
Engineering Entropy

Hartmann Center for the Performing Arts, Bradley University, 2011

Engineering Entropy is a cross-disciplinary interactive installation created by the League of Imaginary Scientists in collaboration with students and faculty from the Bradley University Art and Engineering Departments.

The project manifested as an ‘earthquake table’ which participants can stand on, disrupting a model city. As entropy increases in the model city, floating objects suspended in tubes go from an ordered state to a less ordered one. Entropy can be reduced by reconstructing the city, which in turn will return all of the gallery elements to an ordered state.


The League of Imaginary Scientists
Lucy HG Solomon: Concept, Video
Jeremy Speed Schwartz: Software
Bradley University Faculty: Dr. David Zietlow, Elizabeth Kaufman, Shannon Benine, Erin Zellefrow
Bradley University Art and Engineering Students: Calvin Schenk, Kelley Moulton, Grace Pisula, David Manosalvas, Dustin Schumacher, Robert Sprague, Luke Liescheidt

Cycling ’74 Max/Jitter